I’m planning a new kitchen renovation but where do I start?

The thought of a kitchen renovation can be quite intimidating; fortunately a quick call to any of our sales designers and your concerns will be put to rest. They will more than happy to guide you through the process.

How long does it take to build my dream kitchen?

Production lead times will vary depending upon the door style , intricacy of the design/ layout, and type of finishing.

Our designers can determine definite  lead times once the cabinetry type has been selected. Average lead times may vary from 4-6 weeks  to 6-8 weeks.

Once I receive my cabinetry from Selba how long does the installation process take?

Selba’s cabinet installers are some of the finest in the industry. Extreme care must be taken not only in  the installation of the core cabinets but also in the assembly of the detailed moldings and custom cabinetry pieces .

Every layout will vary: 1-2 weeks is the average installation time required.